How to Connect, Pair or Link August Smart Lock to Google Home


Did you know that August was the first smart lock to work with Google Home? However, you may noticed that August doesn’t appear where you would expect it to in the Google Home app. That’s because Google has yet to add August to the list of devices you can join. Fortunately, we discovered somewhat of a hack to link your August Smart Lock account to your Google Home.

How to Connect August Smart Locks to Google Home

  • Install the proper apps:
  • “Talk to August”
    • Open the Google Assistant app on your phone and tell the assistant to talk to August by simply saying or even typing; “Ok Google, talk to August”. You will then be prompted to sign in with your August account info.

How to Control August Smart Locks with your Voice

With everything signed-in and confirmed you can now execute commands related to your August lock simply by talking to your Google Assistant. “Ok Google, talk to August” is the primary command for calling upon August however, the August Assistant seems to go through a lengthy question and answer process every time you want to check the lock. After a few moments of frustration, I realized that if you said, “OK Google, ask August to lock the front door,” it would simply work.

Some additional commands are:

  • “Ok, Google, ask August to list my locks.”
  • “Ok, Google, ask August check the front door.”

The first, second and third generation locks from August will work with Google Home but remember, you will need the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to do so.

Sure, it is a tedious little hack but that’s how you can get your August locks to pair with your Google Home.

Google Home Device Compatibility List.

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